For over 25 years, IFS has provided tailor-made international financial and project management services
to a wide range of clients: individuals, corporations and non-governmental organizations, who have relied
on IFS to oversee projects in areas of the world that are outside the client’s primary expertise.

Unlike a traditional consulting firm, IFS doesn’t tell its clients what they need to do—they already know
what they need to do, they simply need to be active in a part of the world where they lacks the skills to properly oversee the project’s execution.

The activities of IFS rely on the particular skills of its founder and manager (click here for CV), which
include: a Sorbonne and Yale Education, fluency in 6 languages, Swiss and U.S. citizenship, international finance and project management experience in Europe. North and South America and Asia.

Projects have included:
• Selecting a new headquarters for the international arm of a Swiss-Based NGO.
• Helping a Brazilian client set up a European headquarters to market, sell, and store concentrated
   orange juice internationally.
• Helping a family retrieve four buildings in central Berlin taken from them after World War II.
• Helping a California-based satellite company set up a European Call Center and establish an
   international headquarters in Switzerland.
• Overseeing an international market research project for a Brazilian consumer products company
   looking to expand internationally.

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